Wednesday, January 21, 2009

20,000 strictly Japanese jobs in India available

This is indeed a validation that Japanese jobs in India are coming and quite many of them. JETRO projects a USD 2 Billion investment over next three years and it can only mean good news for professionals in this sector. Here is the excerpt from Economic Times today. Balle Balle like they say - Great begining to the year. Editor


Top Japanese companies will invest around $2 billion in India over the next three years, as they seek to address lucrative and growing markets such as India, according to Japan External Trade Organisation (Jetro). Kazumasa Kuboki, director general of Jetro, said last week that the Japanese companies in the software and telecom sectors would also create around 20,000 jobs in the country.

“Japanese companies have to survive and India is ranked number one in terms of domestic market and there is availability of man power,” he said.

Experts at consulting firm Zinnov Management admitted that Japan needs to explore India’s talent pool, because the country is facing a shortage of skilled professionals.

“R&D offshoring from Japan will increase. We know 3-5 companies which are billion dollar plus organistions and are exploring opportunities to partner with Indian service providers or set up their own shop this year”, Chandramouli CS, director of Zinnov said.

He added that Japanese companies in the sectors of automobile components, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing are currently evaluating investment opportunities in India.

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Aniket said...

first Chinese and now Japanese..lets see what happens next