Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to evaluate post graduate management courses

This post is in response to a question I keep hearing from fresh graduate students looking to pursue a MBA or other management courses: “How should I choose a program that is right for me?”.

Prospective students should consider some basic criteria when evaluating the prospectus of various management programs and institutions. Any Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Management course or its equivalent MBA should provide the following :

1. Holistic overview of management concepts, particularly in the areas of time (task management), quality of output, work ethics in a group and increased Emotional Quotient (EQ) levels as a result of all of the above
2. Provide a framework to help understand the industry that they are likely to work for or specialise in
3. Stuctured alumni management program and the opportunity to be part of a peer group in the class that will form the foundation for alumni network.
4. Career counseling, resulting in job opportunities within industries of interest

Nihongo Bashi is offering one such highly specialized management course, the PG Diploma in Japanese Management in association with the reputed RV Group of Bangalore. Specifically tailored for the Japanese sector, this program includes critical Japanisation skills– a must for everyone in this sector-- in addition to a holistic management curriculum. Aspiring business leaders can get complete details of the PG Diploma program here

A career is not a sprint but a marathon. No amount of academic preparation will ever guarantee success. For a global market that is changing everyday a quick and efficient change in response is also required. However, the following metrics are still a fairly good yardstick for evaluation of any MBA course.

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