Friday, May 23, 2008

Koito Manufacturing shines light on India

It seems that Japanese anciallary suppliers are partnering with Tata thereby confirming a trend to focus on the Indian market. Given the current trends many more such partnerships are likely to come up. Editor

NEW DELHI: Koito Manufacturing Co, the maker of headlamps for Lexus-brand cars, is designing lights specifically for ultra-low cost cars as it tries to win more business from India's Tata Motors and Nissan Motor Co.

"Koito the world's biggest maker of headlamps, is in the final stages of creating a simpler light that uses half as many parts as its more expensive models," said President Masahiro Ohtake in an interview with Bloomberg Television. Koito and other auto parts makers are reengineering products to supply cars that will cost almost half as much as Suzuki Motor Corp.'s Maruti 800, the cheapest car currently on the Indian market.