Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Early earthquake warning systems

Indeed it is commendable that during the two recent quakes the agency was able to provide early warning signals which helped the public.

This is a very good development and everyone hopes Japan will lead the way in saving precious lives world over. Editor

Associated Press reports that Japan's Meteorological Agency and national broadcaster, NHK, are teaming up to alert the public of earthquakes, as much as 30 seconds before they hit, using television and radio.

The warnings, to begin in October, will be based on data provided by the Meteorological Agency, which maintains a network of sensors deep underground that estimate the intensity of a quake as soon as the ground ruptures.

The system works by detecting primary waves, which spread from the epicentre of a quake and travel faster than the destructive shear waves. When primary waves of a certain intensity are detected, the alarms are set off. NHK will relay them almost instantaneously to its television and radio audience.

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