Thursday, May 24, 2007

Learning Japanese Has Never Been So Easy Or Fun

Check out this site

If you are interested in learning more about Japan's language and culture, then is for YOU! This program offers something for everyone, from the seasoned speaker to the Japan-bound traveler who is making contact with the language for the first time. The audio lessons and rich collection of accompanying resources in the Learning Center are designed to take you from absolute beginner to an upper intermediate level.

It has been specifically designed to teach students of Japanese practical and useful Japanese in the most effective way possible. It is a fact that culture is an important part of any language, so in their daily broadcasts direct from Tokyo, they teach you about Japanese culture and keep you up to date with current events.

I hope that it'll be really useful to you friends.

Do check it out & you definitely wont regret giving your time for it


Rahul said...

Konnichi wa minasan!

Here is some intresting stuff that may intrest you all:

These are the Japanese Translation of few English Proverbs:

"Ka, Chihyou, Fuu, Getsu/
Shizen o aishi/
Jibun o Daiji ni."

Fire, Earth, Wind, Moon/
Meeting the Nature/
Take care of yourself.

"Kokoro o kimeru to, nandemo dekiru."

Setting your soul to do something, you can do anything


Observe the wrongdoing of others,
and better your actions.

owari yo kereba shibete yoshi
(it means all's well that ends well)

Sugapriya R said...

That was really quiet interesting do continue to post such stuffs.....