Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wishing everyone with Kanji to get good luck and happiness!!

The kanji symbol FUKU, which means FORTUNE and WELL-BEING, is the image of a stone jar filled with food or wine. This feeling is familiar to all of us. When plenty of wine and food is stored we feel comfort and have confidence in the future.
The roots of many kanji symbols lay in our own human experiences. The Japanese kanji symbol
for PEACE, AN, represents a woman underneath a roof, a picture that reminds of shelter and

The kanji symbol GAKU, HAPPINESS, is the same kanji as for MUSIC, uniting music, a gift of the gods, with joy and happiness.


Hope you smile and be happy ever when you read this:>


Anonymous said...

Fascinating Japanese characters. Each character has a few meanings and interpretations. That's why learning to read Kanjis is both a challenge and fun at the same time. It certainly brought a smile to my face :)


ankita yadav said...

KANJI for PEACE- Woman underneath a roof,symbol of love and peace..

Really a wonderful thought indeed!!

Although learning and reading Kanjis is tough for all of us. But when we read Kanjis(like kanji of peace) we are motivated to learn more and more kanjis.