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Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport

The KIX offshore airport is present in Japan. It is an artificial island five kilometers off the Senshu Coast in southeastern Osaka Bay. This airport is opened on September 4, 1994. It has the capacity of 160,000 take-offs and landings annually. The cost for the construction is around 1,458 billion yen. It was designed by an Italian architect. It is built on the sea and it is an island reclaimed from the sea.

In this airport the current scale is 510.3hectares with one runway measuring 3,500m~60m. To reach this island we have a 3.75-km double-decker structure combining road and rail transportation within 30 minutes for railway and 45 minutes for highway from Osaka (Namba).

The terminal's roof is shaped like an airfoil. This shape is used to promote air circulation through the building: giant air conditioning ducts blow air upwards at one side of the terminal, circulate the air across the curvature of the ceiling, and collect the air through intakes at the other side.

Kansai has been marketed as an alternative to Narita Airport for international travelers from the Greater Tokyo Area. By flying to Kansai from Haneda Airport and connecting to international flights there, travelers can save the additional time required to get to Narita: up to one and a half hours for many residents of Kanagawa Prefecture and southern Tokyo.

Construction of 4000m parallel runway and related facilities began in 1998 as the Second Stage Plan for Kansai International airport. The facilities are expected to be opened in the year 2007. With the Second State Plan, an additional runway and Second Passenger Terminal Building will be constructed. Kansai International Airport is striving to become a world first class international hub airport with an overall structure, which will boast 3 runways.

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Anand said...

Kansai International Airport is one the most advanced airports in the world. Against all odds, japanese engineers have successfully created this marvel.

The airpot has been made on reclaimed land and thus problem of settelment was inevitable. The engineers had already thought about the problem of unequal settelment over sea bed. If the sea bed sank a bit, then various measures have been deployed in order to counter it.

One of them is the Jacks that are beneath every building of the airport, i.e. the two wings and the main building. The jacks are used to raise the particular part of building which sinks unequally, so that overall the structure is not affected.

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