Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Japan Cultural Activity

"We are going to have a Japanese Cultural Activity." These were the exact words from Gunjan San. I thought, probably we will have a bit of conversation with the Japanese Sensei and then some information on the Japanese Culture and traditions.

On the decided day, Shikha San and Gunjan San came with Harano Sensei. I went to the gate to help them with the bags. Harano Sensei was wearing a Kimono, a bright light greenish blue one. She was walking with small steps. "Konnichiwa Sensei" I said. And prompt came the reply - “Hai. Konnichiwa. O genki desu ka." The words came so fast that I almost found myself lost. She was so full of energy, that it made us more excited to the activities which we were going to do.

The class began with the traditional dance on the song “Sakura Sakura”. She told us how to visualize the dance and the emotions behind every move. How Japanese people communicate more through the eyes and less through the words. The dance performance was awesome. We were all awestruck.

This was just the beginning of the fun and frolic we were going to have in the next two hours. Origami was introduced to us. We were given diagrams containing instructions and papers to start with. All of us made a very good effort and made fabulous chop stick holder and the box.

Now it was time for some eating habits - and we learnt how to eat with chopsticks. Agreed, it was a bit tough to hold them in the beginning and more tough to understand how to move them to hold something but within a few minutes everyone was comfortable with them and we picked our toffee with them. It was really nice, and to pick up toffee which had come from Japan, was indeed so much fun. I personally had never tasted any Japanese toffee before and frankly it was different.

The fun brigade continued but with a slight serious note and we were taught some business manners- how to enter a senior’s cabin, how to explain a reason for something that went wrong, how to exchange your visiting cards and so much more.

We played Janken, a Japanese game. Paper, scissor and rock. Zuibun omoshirokatta desu.

We will always remember this cultural meet and look forward for more such activities. In the end, I would like to say one thing – “ At Nihongo Bashi you don’t just learn Japanese, you LIVE it!”


Anonymous said...

this is a good way to learn Japanese. you must live it and not just learn by mugging some vocabulary. harano sensei is doing a great job.

kapil agarwal said...

today we also had the same activity in our college and its really very helpful to visualize the japanese culture. we hope for the same sort of activity will continue in future.

mharano said...

Konnichiwa. I am very happy that you learnt quite a lot from that activity. Learning language is important but at the same time we need to understand cultural background. I did activites at TATA ELXSI,Galgotia University, and HCL. All of you were enthusiastic about learning Japanese culture and the bisiness manner etc. I hope you can start using them in near future. Thanks to your contribution for the activity, I would like to come again and do some Japanese orientaed activities again. Korekaramo nihongo no benkyou wo ganbatte kudasai!Mata aimashou.