Thursday, April 26, 2007

India's cashew recipes interest Japan food industry

Mangalore March 18 The broken grades of cashew are likely to receive a good demand in Japan, if the response to the experiment of introducing value-added Indian cashew products such as `kaju kathli' and `halwa' at the 32nd international food and beverages exhibition, `Foodex Japan 2007', is any indication.
For India, Japan is the fifth largest cashew export destination. Japan imports around 6,100 tonnes of cashews with India enjoying 80 per cent share with average exports of about 5,000 tonnes during the last three years.
The Chairman of the Cashew Exports Promotion Council of India (CEPCI), Mr Walter D'Souza, told Business Line that the important outcome of this exhibition for the Indian cashew industry lies in the significant growth of Japanese confectionary and food industry. The confectionary and food industry sector is registering an annual growth of over 20 per cent.
Of the total imports of cashews by Japan, almost over 90 per cent are wholes and the rest in broken grades.
"The CEPCI experiment of introducing value-added goodies such as the Indian `kaju kathli' and `halwa' at this exhibition has generated several enquiries," he said, adding that this may increase the demand for broken cashews.
This will be an added advantage to the Indian cashew exporters.
At the interactive meetings, the major cashew importers in Japan have made a special request to the CEPCI to involve the Japanese chefs in a programme with live demos of cashew-based recipes, which will go a long way in promoting the use of broken cashews.


"A result-oriented strategy is being worked out for implementation, in consultation with importers and the Japan Nut Association (JAN)," Mr D'Souza said.
The CEPCI is targeting a growth of about 20 per cent in exports to Japan at an aggregate of about 6,000 tonnes starting from 2007-08, he said.
Japan is the fifth largest destination for India after the US, Europe, the UAE and the UK. It accounts for four per cent of India's total cashew exports.
In its bid to increase the market share in the Japan treenut industry, the CEPCI participated in the `Foodex Japan 2007' at Tokyo from March 13 to 16.
This is the largest in the far-eastern countries of the world. Over 70 countries of the world participated in the exhibition

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