Saturday, April 07, 2007


HCL in Japan
HCL has been operating in Japan since 1996. In the last 9 years it has established strong and credible relationships with leading companies in Japan. HCL carries out business in Japan through wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in Tokyo. This is keeping in with HCL's philosophy of a Global operating structure.Japan is one of the strategic development markets of HCL. HCL, by its strong presence in Japan provides all the advantages expected of a local Japanese vendor with added advantage of cost merit, international exposure and CMM level of quality. We are a local company with Indian face and international knowledge.Our highlights for the Japan operation are:
· Over 500 engineers working on Japanese projects
· Japan Business Unit (JBU) located in Noida and Chennai; exclusively for Japan with long term commitment to the Japanese market.
· Onsite technical coordination by bilingual engineers and Japanese language experts
· Continuous training programs to impart knowledge of Japanese language & culture
· Long term relationships with top Japanese companies
· Good understanding of Japanese business processes and practices
· Continuous process improvement & institutionalized learning
HCL is providing a wide range of services to its clients through its time tested project management methodology specially designed for this market. Some of areas in which HCL has been working with its clients include Enterprise solutions, Application development, management and maintenance, Product design and development, embedded software, Web solutions, and quality consulting. We are working with clients like Sony, NEC, Hitachi, NTT Data, Citibank Japan, Toshiba, Nomura Research Institute and so on.

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