Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cherry Blossom !!!!!!!!!!

You have to live in Japan to appreciate the significance of Cherry blossoms.

After months of wet and gray, bone-chilling winter weather, there is a brief pause before the draining humid heat of summer. During this interlude, the weather warms to a pleasant temperature and the thousands of leafless trees suddenly burst forth with white blossoms and soft pink highlights. They glow overhead like softly lit flickering stars in the daylight. Every year the Cherry blossoms appear with near precise timing. Families flood out of their homes and into the neighborhood parks. During the first weekend, when the Cherry trees are in full bloom, Japan seems to be a peaceful, calm country where parents and children take strolls together and eat picnics on the grass. It doesn't last, but it's a hopeful moment

Hope you enjoy it when you visit japan :> M.Rajeshwari aravind

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Anand said...

These pictures are tempting. Is anybody ready to finance me to go for a trip there? Please :>

And can anyone please provide more pictures of their visit to Japan? I think that will be fun.