Monday, February 05, 2007

Suzuki san's vision for new India

Suzuki san is awarded Padma Bhushan and gets “official” recognition for his contribution to India. However the common man long gave him that award by endorsing Maruti 800 as the most sold vehicle. Below are the excerpts from his recent speech at FICCI for his vision of India in the years to come.


My vision of the new millennium cannot be complete without sharing with you my belief about India in the new millennium. In the 18 years that I have been coming to India, I have seen a transformation of this country which is visible from the moment one arrives. Wider and well-lit roads greet the visitor. Bullock carts and tongas have been replaced by two-wheelers and cars. Personally, I am thankful that most of the cars increased on India roads are Marutis!

The vibrant India that steps out into the new millennium has many global advantages. It should be our effort to harness them to India's maximum benefit. The biggest advantage is that, in the world of info-tech, numbers are a great attraction. And India does have the numbers. It also has a vibrant democracy. A high number of technically educated people. An industrial base ready to take off. India is strategically located. Indians have done the world proud wherever they have entered. I can smell a changing India, an India poised to take on the world in the new millennium.

The last century focused on the US, Europe and Japan. The focus of the new millennium will be manufacturing and info-tech. Today, India is ready to meet the challenge of both. Indian industry needs infrastructure and communication support for it to bloom. And these are both on the government's agenda.

Indian software companies are respected globally. India is unstoppable. I am very bullish about India. And I recommend it with pride to all global companies. I am waiting for the day my dream about India can be realised. And that Maruti, which is an Indian company, can sell its cars competitively in the world carrying proudly the 'Made in India' symbol.

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