Saturday, December 23, 2006

PM Singh's visit to Japan

As the curtains come down on 2006, I would like to reflect on the best news thus far!

This month PM Singh visited Japan with a heavy economic agenda initiating a discussion on EPA. Importantly the EPA or Economic Partnership Agreement (aka the Freet Trade Agreement) will cover, besides trade in goods and services, issues concerning investment promotion and intellectual property rights. Noting that there had already been an increase in the level of involvement of Japanese companies in India, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) has been assisting a number of small and medium enterprises in locating themselves in India, and had now opened its second Indian office in Bangalore.

This means that there will be significantly increased investments by Japanese comapnies in India and that will throw open a lot of very interesting jobs for professionals in this sector. I certainly think that this has been the most significant development in this sector in ALL of 2006. Wishing all readers a very Happy New Year ahead.

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