Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chalta Hai ab kyon nahin chalega

PM Manmohan Singh said that we need to have a global attitude to compete globally. The local "chalta hai" is not OK for India and Indians to survive in this increasingly global world he notes....

Burnpur (West Bengal): Giving a call to shrug off the "laidback approach", Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said that the country has to move fast on the path of economic growth to catch up with its neighbours in East Asia.

"We have to give up our chalta hai (laidback) attitude to move very fast to catch up with our neighbours in east Asia," Singh said at the foundation-laying ceremony for the revival of the Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO).

Singh hinted this approach was responsible for some enterprising and ambitious Indians like Lakshmi Mittal moving out of the country to set up business empires abroad.

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Ja-ii-desu said...

I came across this Webpage that gives you cultural insights into the countries relevant to postings on this forum. The link is:


You will find a menu on the left with: China, Japan, Korea, India and USA. I found it interesting and worth a look!

Finally, at the beginning of a 'New Year,' let us resolutely resolve to shift from a laid-back 'chalta hai' mindset to a more must-do 'chalana padega' one!