Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Writing a Japanese CV

Here is an interesting link to writing a rirekisho or a Japanese CV



Ja-ii-desu said...

That makes very interesting reading while being informative to all prospective job applicants seeking to work in Japan!

Two "cultural" observations I had on the "Japanese Rirekisho" were the fields: Health condition (not usually listed in an Indian resume) and: Do you support your spouse? (Again, not asked in an Indian context!)

Also, on the note of advancing your Japanese studies in Japan,I read recently that even the JLPT is no more a guaranteed certification for entrance to a Japanese University.

Since 2004, the EJU (Examination for a Japanese University) has become mandatory regardless of JLPT proficiency.

Well, all the more reason that speaking, reading and writing Japanese would put you in an "exclusive" club!

Shara said...

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