Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome to a brave new world

Dear Cyberfriends,

This is a blog created exclusively for those who hold an interest in developing a long term career in the Japanese market. Whilst the initial focus is on IT and software, the effort is to keep the content as generic as possible. I would like to encourage all of you to post your questions here and will try to ensure that your questions get answered as quickly as possible.

I would like to bring to everyone's attention that all questions and answers in this forum are purely on a personal capacity and do not reflect the views of their respective organisations.

A brave new world awaits us all.



Ja-ii-desu said...

Konnichiwa, minasan! There's a Japanese proverb that says, "Senri no michi mo ippo kara," which means, "Even a 1,000 mile journey begins with a step."

So, as we invite more Japanee language and culture enthusiasts to join this ineractive forum, I thought I'd set the ball rolling with this 'first' posted comment.

Dewa mata kono 'buroggu' de aimashou!

Manoj Aravindakshan said...

A brave new world indeed ! Look forward to reading about the emerging opportunities in Japan and India.

Ja-ii-desu said...

An interesting extract from- Economy Watch:

"...Majority of the Japanese companies surveyed said that they are making profits and are "positively considering further expansion of their operations in India." However, to many of them, the inhibiting factors are differences in business practices, environment and culture, but at the same time they are aware of India's huge market potential, especially in IT and IT-related sectors.

According to the majority of the Japanese investors, to attract Japanese investment, Indian transport infrastructure "needs improvement," and power facilies are "below average." The telecommunication facilities are however, rated as "average."

The sectors that attract Japanese investment include transportation (28%), telecommunications (18%), fuel (13.5%), chemicals (12.17%) and trading (6%)..."

Any thoughts on this, bloggers?

Nihongo Bashi said...

India & Japan Set to Sign Ceca-like Agreement Soon:
India is moving towards an economic partnership agreement with the world’s second largest economy — Japan. This would be similar to the comprehensive economic cooperation agreement (CECA) signed with Singapore and Mauritius. Commerce & Industry Minister, Mr Kamal Nath said “we are looking at a economic partnership that can drive investment and technology flows”. India-Japan trade stands at around US$5b while Japanese investments in India amount to US$2.5b. It is felt that the proposed pact would boost both trade as well as investment.

Mr Kamal Nath went on to state that Japanese investors are slow to invest in India and they should re-think their India policy. There were enough windows available and the Japanese corporate should look towards BPO, KPO and EPO operations in India to reduce their cost and enhance their global competitiveness. Mr Nath said the investment commission had estimated investment opportunities worth $500 billion in the next five years in major economic spheres. Of this, $250 billion investment opportunities existed in infrastructure sectors alone. Mr Nath urged Japanese companies to invest in special economic zones to avail tax benefits. There is tremendous investment potential to take up infrastructure projects in India, he added.

Following Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s visit to India in 2005, the two sides have set up a joint study group (JSG) for enhancing economic cooperation. The committee is expected to submit its report to the prime ministers of the two countries for follow-up action on the proposed pact. The India-Japan summit precedes the World Economic Forum’s East Asia Summit.

Customs duty reduction under the proposed economic cooperation agreement would help in linking the economies of the two countries, Mr Nikai said. There is a strong need to strengthen economic relations as well, he added. Integration of East Asian economies was a priority and India would form an integral part of this alliance, the Japanese minister said. He linked the vision for East Asian integration to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s emphasis on a pan-Asian market with a common currency.

aki said...

konichiwa minasan . saxena ankit desu . Its simply great to have a forum in which we can know more about opportunities in japan . and also about japanese language.

Nihongo Bashi said...
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Anmol Kumar Singh said...

this place provides a good and very useful platform to people like me who r learning japanese lang. , r in the initial phase and very much interested in building a bright career out of it.
i hope that v people will get an opportunty here to sort out our queries.
as someone has rightly said that "Even a 1,000 mile journey begins with a step.",so i must say that we had started our journey and hope to get the support from u people to make this hardshipjourney of ours into a smmooth sailing.

Nitin said...

Hi everyone,i have a technical ques.Can we start a new thread on this blog??? Tried a lot but not able to get it.PLs help.

Nihongo Bashi said...

Nitin san,

I agree that we must be able to share knowledge in this forum. Thank you for your suggestion. Please view the latest blog on techical queries

Nihongo Bashi

pankaj said...

what are the job prospects after completing level 3.

Nitin said...

Sir i think u have misinterpreted my ques.All i wanted to say was "How a person can create his own thread or a new topic in this forum" as i was not able to do that.

Nihongo Bashi said...


To create your thread you need to be a contributor on the Blog. Please provide your personal email details and contact numbers to

Nihongo Bashi said...

There are more opportunities than available people this field! I would highly recommend that you pursue Level 2 and look for a job in the meanwhile. If you are a technical person, an ideal stop would be HCL, TCS, Wipro, Infosys,iGate and many more companies that have an active business in Japan

Nitin said...

Hi pankaj,
I heard that big companies like Hughes(In the telecom sector) and Oracle also have business in japan.Nothing better than that if japanese helps u get there.Keep an eye on their websites...