Thursday, June 29, 2006

Punctuality - A mindset or a matter of convenience?

Punctuality and adhering to commitments on time, every time is not an accidental occurence. It is a carefully cultivated mindset that requires some effort initially. Why are many Indian professionals unable to internalise this?

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Ja-ii-desu said...

While "punctuality" has a lot to do with good value systems, especially value and respect for OTHER'S time, those of us who have lived in Japan will know that it is a "way of life" there!

Punctuality is 'taken for granted' which means everyone and everything, from transportation services to banks and post offices, is punctual.

Being 'on time' every time is a sign of "reliability" and "trust worthiness." Conversely, being late or keeping people waiting with inordinate delays, displays lack of empathy for other's time which should be considered more valuable than yours. It also reflects on poor planning and a lack of professionalism.

Personally, I feel 'being late'can become a bad habit...and bad habits, as we all know, die hard!