Saturday, June 24, 2006


Why is it that even when there are so many highly paid jobs available to bilingual professionals IT industry's engineers seem to ignore the obvious?


Ja-ii-desu said... possible reason could be the fear of having to master the complexities of the Japanese script which actually requires one to recognize at least 1,500 'Chinese' characters to be able to decipher an industry-related document!

To most people who are just beginning to test the Japanese language waters, here's an excellent bbok to help you wade through the basics:"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Conversational Japanese"-
by Naoya Fujita

Believe me, this is as good a place to start before you are confident of executing those triple back-flips into the deep end of the 'language' pool.

Challenging...yes. Insurmountable?...Definitely, No!

Ja-ii-desu said...

For bloggers interested in the book i wrote about, here are some details:

Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Conversational Japanese with CD-ROM (Paperback)

Autor: Naoya Fujita
ISBN: 0028641795
Price: US$ 15.72
Available at:

Enjoy getting to know the basics of speaking in "Nihongo."

rina said...

Great initiative ! I hope to be able to share my experiences in japan and outside with all of you.

Ja-ii-desu said...

Rina-san, look forward to hearing about your experiences in Japan, especially your observations on "business & social" etiquette...where, when and for how long were you in Japan?

aki said...

Yeah that could be one possible reason for ppl not taking initiative of goin thru japanese language . thanks anyways for suggesting this book . Will try to look for this book on net.